Project Lead the Way’s (PLTW) premier high school program, “Pathway to Engineering” is a dynamic four-year course of study that can be integrated into the students’ core curriculum high school program while providing students with real-world learning and hands-on experience. The combination of traditional math and science courses with innovative Pathway to Engineering courses prepares students for college majors in engineering and engineering technology fields. This program is highly recommended for students interested in engineering and technology-related career paths. “Pathway to Engineering” courses engage high school students through a combination of activities-based, project-based, and problem-based (APPB) learning. APPB learning not only creates an environment for applying engineering concepts to real problems, but also prepares students to: solve problems, participate as part of a team, lead teams, speak to a public audience, conduct research, understand real-world impacts, analyze data, and learn outside the classroom. Project Lead the Way provides an excellent foundation for addressing and implementing real solutions to real problems with contemporary technology and applied logic.

PLTW-Intro to Engineering Design HONORS is a year-long course open to freshmen, sophomores and juniors and has a prerequisite requirement of CADD/Drafting II or Geometry A or B with a grade of B or higher. Concurrent enrollment in CAD II or Geomentry A or B may be accepted with department chair approval.

Introduction to Engineering Design encourages students to be creative and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills to specific design problems, using powerful computer hardware and software (Inventor) to develop 3-D models or solid renderings. Using a CAD (computer aided design) system, students explore the design process through creating, analyzing, rendering, and producing models.